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Nutrition is really important to me and I’ll sometimes do a three-day juice cleanse if I’m feeling particularly groggy. I think it’s important to overload your body every now and then with as many vitamins and nutrients as you can, and I always have bundles of energy afterwards.”

Les Miserables Stage to Screen, On My Own

I love him, I love him, I love him, but only own my own

@SamanthaBarks: Have you ever held your Phone up in the air while reading and it’s fallen flat on your face? Anybody!?….no? errr me neither #ouch :0

Samantha Barks at The Serpentine Gallery Summer Party - 7.1.2014 

samantha barks - les mis 25th anniversary concert vs. the movie


samantha barks + wicked

I talk about it (Wicked) a lot […] Elphaba is like the reason I went to musical theatre and thought ‘I want to do it as a job’”

I learned a lot by just watching. That sounds stalkery, doesnt it?”

I've never actually seen Miss Saigon. I've loved the music my whole life and to actually get to see it on stage tonight… I've heard the most amazing things about it and I can't wait to see the cast been amazing and the show been amazing. I'm so excited.